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“Creates an intrinsic beauty in every vocal tip and pitch.”

“Somewhere between Radiohead and a more intellectual Jack Johnson.”

“Take George Harrison and Elliott Smith, put them in a blender with a shot of individuality, and you get Nate Maingard“
-Jonathan Frahm (Popmatters)

Love songs for rebels and protest songs for lovers. Enjoy FREE downloads from a modern troubadour…

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Nate Maingard

Hi! I’m Nate, a modern troubadour, inspiring others to live more purposeful and open-hearted lives, through the art of storytelling and song.

It was Fiona of ‘Nu-folk blog’ who said, “Nate spins poetry like it’s the easiest thing to do on Earth,” and in 2012 I was honoured to be awarded a National Arts Festival Ovation Award, given to artists of innovation and excellence.

So enter your name and email address now and get ready to enjoy some of my favourite and most popular songs, because I think you’re gonna love my “protest songs for lovers and love songs for rebels,” and, as The Tudor said, “Ladies, fasten your chastity belts.” 😉

Yours in music